Friday, May 6, 2011

50 Words 500 Props

  1. Filthy: mud, dirt, dirty clothes, smelly socks, trash, old food, junk, clutter, hoarding, pig pen
  2. Money: coins, dollars, notes, checks, credit cards, coupons, prices, receipts, atm, banks
  3. Songs: lyrics, words, music, concerts, singers/artists, sound booth, rehearse, band, music sheet 
  4. Music: band, songs, concerts, stadium, rehearse, stage, amp, c.d, music videos, mp3 player/ ipod
  5. Paper: trees, sheet, scissors, hole punch, pencil, pen, white out, fax, print-out, bag
  6. Pain: blood, nails, knives, tears, crying, funereal, death, surgery, 
  7. Anguish
  8. Ring: metal, wedding, proposal, gift, diamond, class/graduate, stone, ruby, circle, engagement
  9. Coffee: cup, beans, grinder, pot, ice, barista, check, cake, cream, sugar
  10. Water: ice, glacier, lake, stream, steam, river, pond, ocean, sea, wave, storm, fish
  11. Run: stop watch, track, medal, wind, race, finish line, shoes, circle, drinks, lines
  12. Walk: pace, beach, dogs, feet, shoes, track, street, lights, cars, hills
  13. Drum
  14. Light: bulb, on, off, sun, switch, dark, night light, day
  15. Phone: booth, numbers, internet, wires, operator, bluetooth, phone, 
  16. Chat: web chat, phone call, internet, i-m, facebook, tea, text message, skype, notes
  17. Time: clock, watch, class, face, hand, numbers, morning, night, bed, 
  18. Left: hand, fingers, writing, brain, desk, smudge, 
  19. Bus: shuttle, bus stop, casino, school, yellow, coach, kids, sports, wheels, driver 
  20. Car: doors, wheels, gas, petals, driver, race, derby, track, lights (street lights), road
  21. Computer: hard drive, mouse, keyboard, monitor, music, plugs, c.d, speakers, 
  22. Chair: seat, love-seat, cushion, recliner, wood, leather, soft, hard,
  23. Hair: long, short, curly, fuzzy, straight, dark, light, pointy, soft
  24. Ant: small, strange, 6- legs, pincer, poison, queen, larve, dirt, 
  25. Dog: fur, shedding, teeth, poo, slobbery, toys, collar, leash, park, 
  26. Day: sun, night, clouds, sky, rain, moon, stars, light, windy, hot
  27. Night: sun, moon, clouds, stars, dark, street lights, cold, clubs
  28. Window: glass, hard, shards, clear, frame,  
  29. Monster: mask, films, cartoons, comics, green, 
  30. Hero: capes, movies, comics, police, medals, sidekicks, fights
  31. Pressure: canister, air, water, plane, space, bottle, can, cabin, submarine, peer 
  32. Happy: smile, frown, sad face, emoicon, birthday, laughter, teeth, jokes, gifts,
  33. Sadness: sad face, frown, emoicon, tears, blue, 
  34. Curly: circle, hair, ribbon, yarn, string, finger nail, wire, fire, film (from a camera), stairs
  35. Victim: 
  36. Cat: claws, teeth, hairball, stripes, dots, trees, zoos, antelope, 
  37. Plant: green, leaves, stem, seeds, bees, pollen, flowers
  38. Tree: bark, fruit, shade, 
  39. Ball: round, hoops, goals (object/structure),
  40. Games: puzzle, cash, board, king, knight, controller, tv, 
  41. Envy
  42. Rain
  43. Sun Brain
  44. Bunny
  45. Sound
  46. Try
  47. Shriek
  48. Grass
  49. Feet
  50. Hands


For our group Inflatable project our original idea was to make a Grand Canyon model but last minute changes were made to it because of the site location, we wouldn't have any power. We also had an idea to make a fist or giant hand ( Josh really likes hands) that idea was transformed into THUMB WAR. JP provided the group with the plastic, Josh cut the plastic and made measurements, Donovan worked on the flyer and the Facebook page as well as over looked the project to make sure that the idea and formation of a hand along with guidance from JP, I, myself, did the ironing to put the project together. As a group we had many faults, we started to work on our idea later than other groups because of miscommunication and getting a specific site. As we worked on the project at the last minutes of when it was due we rushed and got the "jest" of what we wanted to accomplish. Getting the parameters of having the inflatable be made of plastic and hold at least 4 people, we could have improved on make the hands (fist) look more like hands and the thumbs are more thumb-like. The good thing which our project had was it was interactive with the participants, they could be the thumbs themselves and have war with a partner, friend or one of us ( Jp, Donovan or myself)  

Big Idea

Monday, April 18, 2011

Big Idea Proposal

1. Make a 6 dot compositions which get the viewer to see of images such as a flowers, animals and trees...something related to nature.

2. Mark making that expresses anger and happy at the same time

3. Collage the idea of BIG BROTHER

4. Re-present my uncomfortable video but the concept is an idea of a "bum college student"

5. Re-do my Moth color dot project with a different frame and color concept, blue as my color of choice. To make it feel more dark and creepy

6. Work to execute a clearer idea of my metaphor.


SRL (Survival Research Laboratories)

SRL's art performances are a type of dark fantasy of a twisted world, a utopia of chaos. Their machines destroy, burn and crush what makes our world function as a society. Loud noises and destruction are part of the performance sucking the viewer into the performance, displacing the fear and concern of danger with excitement to see what it is all about. Other dark fantasy performance would place the viewer in a world of sadness and despair or an environment of creepy dark mystery. SRL's performances are to the public at large, to stimulate the realization of what they hold to keep life in pace. SRL's methods of performances also have a sort of whimsical aspect to them, one of the machines called the flippy box rolls around the "stage" during what looks like somersaults. For other performance artist, have a tree of thorns made for rusted metal would be consider a dark fantasy but the only similarity between that artist's approach to a fantasy and that of SRL is the use of material. SRL are "yanks with tanks" but they promoting and criticizing violence with machines. SRL uses of machinery and the devastating effects of it are promoting violence. They use flame throwers and sonic guns in the performances, most of which are things the have only been seen and used in war during WWII but that's how they criticize the it. WWII was a shock to the world for meaning reasons and one was the use of new technology in weaponry such as the flame throwers automatic weapons and etc. SRL choice Amsterdam as oppose to another country is because of the liberal and less tyranny of the government. For americans to be in a country such as Tripoli or Kandahar would probably seem like a war stunt or a show of american power, the populace wouldn't see the performance as art but instead as craziness.